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A Non-Invasive Alternative To Intravenous Options For Stopping Status EPILEPTICUS

Most seizures do not last longer than 2 minutes. Sometimes, however, a seizure continues and may progress to become a seizure emergency. This may be referred to as status epilepticus (SE). SE is a medical emergency associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Over the past several decades, it has become known that damage to a seizing brain occurs earlier and the length of a seizure defined as SE has shortened. SE is currently defined as a continuous seizure lasting more than 5 minutes, or 2 or more seizures without full recovery of consciousness in between seizures.


SE is typically treated by medical professionals with intravenous (IV) medications. However, establishing intravenous access may take time and can be difficult to achieve in actively seizing patients. In such cases, an alternative route of administration may be necessary. The currently available alternatives to IV administration are limited.

About NRL-3

  • NRL-3 is being developed as a non-invasive acute therapy to stop seizures that have progressed to status epilepticus, a life-threatening seizure emergency.*


  • NRL-3 is a proprietary intranasal formulation with Intravail® in a pre-dosed, pre-filled delivery system, designed to be administered by a medical professional as an alternative to intravenously administered medication.


  • The proprietary formulation of NRL-3 leverages the Neurelis technology platform in an effort to address some of the common challenges frequently encountered with intranasal delivery.


  • NRL-3 is in the initial (formulation) stage of development and presents a worldwide commercial opportunity for Neurelis.

*NRL-3 is an investigational product candidate that has not been approved by FDA for any indication.